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About Me
Headline:want to ride
About Me:OK, First off, I am not perfect and I don't expect you you to be. If you are even close to my age, you have a past, What is important is the future and how you plan to carry it off. (unless the world ends in December, in which case it won't much matter, lol) I am an artist, I have dabbles in many of the medias, but I love woodcarving. I have also done Mural work, painting in oil and acrylic, pastels. Even went to school for Graphic Design, but not working in the field (long story) I also do a bit of glass engraving on the side. I Love animals of all kinds but am very much a dog person. I was into puppy rescue for many years until it got to be to much and too heartbreaking. As you can probably guess, I am a compassionate person (sometimes to much for my own good). I have traveled a good little bit, ex-military brat, and a grabber of opportunity when I sees it kinda gal. I stopped dating in 2002, just got tired of all the bs, lost my job of 25 years, had to downsize my lifestyle, and yadda, yadda, yadda. Finally decided I had enough of doing everything alone, so here I am. Gotten back into working out, and being active again. I love Jet skies, snorkling, I love being on the backseat of a motorcycle (with a competent rider, lol) I love playing pool, riding 4 wheelers, dancing, holding hands, cuddling on the couch, I love the beach, love to beachcomb early in the morning, I have some fantastic sunrise pictures, I love the mountains, and the list goes on and on. Many thing I would like to try but haven't yet (can you say bucket list boys and girls) I love to laugh, a love a person who can make me laugh and who can laugh at themselves, and who doesn't take themselves too seriously. I try to keep Drama in my life to a minimum, but if you are human, you are going to have drama at some point so I try to be the kind of person who can roll with it and roll it away instead of whining about it. I am not in a rush, prefer to find someone I can just enjoy spending time with, do things with and possibly share some adventure with. PS-nothing like watching a nice fire by the light of a Christmas Tree.
Date Of Birth:1955-11-01
Country:United States
State:North Carolina
City - Area:Wendell
Member ID:342297
Looking For
About You:someone to share fun and adventure and even a few quiet times. I'm not perfect, don't expect you to be. someone who doesn't need a harem to make himself feel like a man.
Country:United States
State:North Carolina
Tags:love to laugh, passionate, compassionate

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